Today I write a check…

Today I write a check to The Victims Fund for Moore Schools Students and Staff. As we all know, at the end of May, Moore, Ok was hit by devastating tornadoes. Moore, OK was the home of my first teaching job at Moore West Jr High as a special Education teacher. They gave me my first shot, taught me so much, and the people of Moore are amazing!  When the tornados hit, I knew I had to do something so I decided we would give a portion of our profit back for three weeks back to this foundation.  I will write that check today. I feel so fortunate to be able to be able to do this, to help those in a community that welcomed me with open arms, a school district that gave me a shot. I am so blessed to have clients that made this possible by entrusting our team with their Disney vacation.

This spring I had to write a rather large check that was one I did not want to write, one brought on by negativity from others. I only tell you this because it could have made me bitter or angry but I chose to look at it as “I will not conduct business like that, I will help even more people”, it was a defining moment in my business. I started to ask myself, “How can I do that? How can we, while doing business on a daily basis, help others and keep the flow of generosity, kindness, hope, and faith moving forward?”  So we choose to help more people, help more clients, help more of those with special needs and those that are medically fragile, and help foundations, organizations, and charities we feel are align with our mission statement.

We currently, are in relationships with two organizations, Kingdom Kids,  and the Charleston March of Dimes

Kingdom Kids is an ongoing relationship we have where we give back to all bookings that mention this organization. They are an amazing company! They give wishes to sick children and are completely non-profit.

We are sponsoring Charleston March of Dimes Signature Chefs Gala and Auction. We have a table where we are asking our clients to donate money to this event for a chance to sit at our table, enjoy the evening with the Ears team, and ask Disney questions if you want, or just enjoy all the wonderful food!

I tell you all this not to boast about what we are doing at Ears of Experience but to share how even in times when things are not good, it can be turned around to help others. It doesn’t need to be some big  check, maybe volunteering time. I know it changed my attitude and helped me switch my mindset from “me” to helping others. I am honored to have a business where I meet amazing people, help them make incredible memories with the precious little time we have with our loved ones these days, and now helping others who need our time,  our resources, our support. Thank you to our clients who without knowing it, have given me the opportunity to do this.

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