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March of Dimes to me was always that organization I knew did great things for immunizations but had no idea how it impacted everyone in so many ways until I was asked to be a part of this year’s March of Dimes Chef’s Auction committee.
My pregnancy with my second child was not easy. She had a choroid plexus cyst on her spine at the base of her brain. They watched it, told me it would resolve itself but it was of course nerve racking as they don’t always. I then had gestational diabetes with her that caused her to be born three weeks early. During her birth, there were complications and they had to take some pretty drastic measures to deliver. After learning about the breadth of Marhc of Dimes impact on mothers, children, and the general population, I looked into it. Everything that occurred during this pregnancy and childbirth was impacted by research from March of Dimes.
We do a lot at Ears for children with special needs and those who are medically fragile from genetic disorders and cancer. All have been impacted by research March of Dimes has done or is currently doing.
This is why Ears of Experience chose to be a part of this year’s Chef’s Auction and sponsor a table.
I don’t ask for much from our clients and supporters but I ask you to consider donating to this incredible cause. If you donate $100 or more to March of Dimes and would like to attend the Chef’s Auction on September 5th, you will be eligible for a spot at our table.
Thank you for considering helping this organization that literally impacts almost everyone in our population. At least 94% of the local proceeds stay here in Charleston due to the research done locally.
Donation questions, please email or 843-991-8473. The link to donate is below, just send me confirmation to be eligible for this great evening. You can also donate to us directly. marin adn I. Marin on dock

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