Fourth Message from Ears

Marin and Karl

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day with friends and family.  The above picture is my daughter a couple years ago jumping off the dock at my mom’s. She is currently jumping off that dock, having a fabulous Michigan Fourth of July as is tradition in my family.  As you take a bite of that hot dog, sip of that cocktail, watch the kids splash around, and view the fireworks, please take a moment to remember those that made it all all possible for us. We have freedoms so many just dream of.  As a business owner, I have had the independence to travel a great deal the past month, seeing so many I love in my life  because of what I do. I can work from anywhere and be flexible with my hours. I am now able to work longer hours when I have the time. This freedom I do not take lightly and I am so grateful for these opportunities. I so look forward to helping others this year have these opportunities as well.

As I take a break this evening to watch the fireworks, I will raise a glass to those who are not with their friends and family this holiday. My dear friend, Lars, is one of those as he is on tour in Afghanistan. Thinking of you buddy and our other clients deployed.

I wish you all the very best safe and Happy Fourth of July from our Ears Family to yours,


Amy Sinclair


Ears of Experience, LLC




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