Vicki Scharneck

Pottstown, PA

I feel as though I have grown up with Disney World Resort. I have been there through all the stages of my life. From visiting there numerous times as a child with my family, as a young adult with friends, with my husband before children and finally as a family with my 2 boys. In my opinion it never gets old and sharing my love for Disney with my boys is amazing.

Presently I live in northeast Pennsylvania with my husband Noah, 2 young boys (Ethan and Dylan). I do have a full time job, but it definitely is just a job and not something that makes me smile like planning a Disney getaway. Life definitely is busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

I have always loved keeping up with the changes and additions to Disney and helped a lot of friends and family with planning their Disney vacations. When I saw Amy's email about her outside agent program, I just knew it was something that I just couldn't pass up. I am extremely excited to join Amy and her great team at Ears of Experience, LLC. I hope to help other people have wonderful Disney memories just like I have through the years and hope to have in the future.