Jason Watson

I love Disney and love helping make trips "Magical" for families. I'm an organizer and planner by nature, and I have helped many make that dream vacation become a reality. I've heard so many stories of trips ruined by long lines, bad food, and overcrowded parks, just because they didn't know how or what to plan, and what to expect. Ears of Experience showed me and my family that a Disney trip doesn't have to be that way, and that just a little bit of planning makes all the difference.

I still have a lot of "kid" in me. Disney brings the best of that out in myself and my 2 boys, Thomas and Cooper, and my wife Laura. I've been fortunate to go to Walt Disney World a few times as a child, with my grandparents, and now as a father with my own family, and those trips have produced some of the best moments and memories of my life.

My favorite part about being an Ears of Experience team member is helping make "Magical" memories for families just like mine, and creating a vacation experience that they'll come back to time and time again!


Meridianville, AL