Jenna Ensign

My love of Disney actually began when I was an adult! Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the Disney movies growing up and could quote the movies & songs word-for-word, but I never got to experience the magic of the Disney Parks until I had children of my own. I'm thoroughly enjoying my "second" childhood. I used to do travel planning for a large financial corporation and really enjoyed the logistics of it. I figured if I could take that put it together with my love of Disney, Ears of Experience would be a perfect match for me!

My favorite part of this is that I get to help other families experience the same magic and memories that I share with my children. If you have a special honeymoon or anniversary trip coming up too, I would love to help you plan that! I can't wait to help you start your family traditions and memories!

Phone - 856-200-3240

Clementon, NJ