David Young

What can I say? I love to have fun and enjoy time with my family. My wife has always called me, Chevy Chase, because I love to plan our family vacations. I guess my love for travel started when I was young. I am a military brat and I can remember moving almost every other year. At one point, we lived in Germany and I remember the many sites that I got to see to include Berlin Wall. When I was old enough to join the military, I did just that and enlisted in the Navy. I wanted to travel the world and visit as many places as I could. My very first duty station was Orlando, FL. Not exactly the travelling that I was expecting, but it got me closer to the Disney experience. Although, I drove by Walt Disney World plenty of times while I lived in Orlando, I never found myself going to the park. I was more interested in the action outside the park. It wasn't until I met my wife that I finally went to my first Disney park in California in 1995. I was always into Disney as a kid, but never thought I would ever go to a Disney park - I always assumed it was too expensive for me. So, when I went with my wife to Disneyland for the first time, I realized that I was missing out on so much. It is true what they say about Disney being the happiest place on earth. With all the joy and happiness around, the atmosphere makes it very difficult for a person to be anything but happy. As time went on, I found myself going to Disneyland almost every year. Now with four children, Disney has become a family tradition and we love every minute of it. Our dream is to explore all that Disney has to offer and to one day travel with Adventures by Disney to the various overseas locations. The Navy has afforded me many opportunities to experience these overseas locations that I would love to provide that same opportunity to my family and to others. I look forward to helping you plan your dream vacation so that you can experience the joy and happiness that only Disney can provide.


San Diego, CA