Andrew McElhannon

I am a 51 year-old life-long Disney fan, who has been to Walt Disney World more than 20 times since my first visit in 1974. I currently spend free time building a scale model of Main Street USA - one building at a time.

I grew up on Disney, the movies, TV, and of course Walt Disney World. I am now sharing this with my soon to be 17 year-old daughter, who is also a true Disney "baby". For me, it was the era of Winnie-the-pooh, Mary Poppins, Robin Hood and the Jungle Book; Herbie the Love Bug, the Apple Dumpling Gang and Escape to Witch Mountain. For my daughter, it's everything from The Lion King, Toy Story and Tangled to High School Musical, Phineas and Ferb and Dog with a Blog. The stories and mediums have changed over the years, but it's still 100% pure Disney Magic.

My most recent visit to WDW are just as magical as the first almost 40 years ago, and I see new things every time I go. The parks are all changing, growing, and sometimes it's sad when some beloved ride or attraction is finally, permanently closed, dismantled, and locked away in warehouses, storage containers, sold off in pieces at Disneyana conventions, or only chronicled in books or on websites or blogs. But they will live on in the memories of the boys and girls who visited a magic kingdom and grew up dreaming of building one of their own someday.

Greensboro, GA